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Summer Go Pro 2024 

  • 1:4 Instructor to Athlete ratio

  • Groups & Hours:

    • Jr/Pro/College Summer Go Pro = 24 On-Ice Hrs + 120 Gym Hrs = 144 Hrs

    • U18 Summer Go Pro = 24 On-Ice Hrs + 120 Gym Hrs = 144 Hrs

    • U15 Summer Go Pro = 24 On-Ice Hrs + 100 Gym Hrs = 124 Hrs

    • U13 Go Pro = 24 On-Ice Hrs + 60 Gym Hrs = 84 Hrs

  • *We accept 8-10 athletes per group

  • The "Go Pro" program is an alternative to other summer training programs with an emphasis on tailored training sessions to each unique individual's needs on the ice, focusing on correcting or enhancing key fundamental skill areas in order to maximize seasonal success.

  • This program encompasses a holistic training approach. We will create your Strength and Conditioning schedule alongside the individual athlete's on-ice programming to maximize the athlete's results throughout their summer development program! "Go Pro" is a 3 Phase Long Term Development program or (LTD). If you are looking for a quick fix camp, this is NOT for you!

  • Phase 1: Individually tailored skill development, each player will provide IHD with a self-assessment (included with registration) in which they will identify 3 areas of their game they'd like to work on, and the training sessions will be focused on those areas for each individual.

  • Phase 2: Game Application: Players will have the ability to use the skills they are acquiring weekly and put them into action at the end of every skill cycle in a game setting. This will expedite the process of learning When? Where? and How? to execute the skills or concepts they've been working on that week.

  • Phase 3: "The Tournament" is Phase 3 of the IHD Long Term Development program or (LTD). Players will be drafted onto highly competitive teams for Tournament Style games completed with referees. They will be placed in a variety of organized intense non-threatening game simulations in which they can use their newfound tools before heading to their respective tryout camps

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