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This program will entail a personal development plan, We are looking to work on specifics, please take time and go through the form in detail so we have the proper information on what you are looking to work on this summer! 


In this program HSL athletes will receive:

16 Hrs On-Ice 

40 Hrs Gym Time

We will run Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday throughout the summer months!  


In this program JPHL athletes will receive:

8 HRS On-Ice

17 HRS Gym Time 

We will run the month of August with 2 skates per week and 3-4 Gym Sessions! 


If you are from outside of the area and are still looking to improve your game throughout the summer, we have included a "Remote Training" option as well! This will involve taking videos of yourself working on a specific skill etc that the IHD staff has provided for you. We will be going through video and sending you voice overs throughout the summer to ensure you are getting what you need and performing quality reps. As well Marcus Lam-Peters our Strength and Conditioning instructor will be reaching out to build you a custom off-ice summer program based on your needs individually! 

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