Whether you are breaking down game film or looking for a promotional video used for recruitment, IHD is here to help you with all of your Video needs.

Image by Wahid Khene


Ice Hockey Game


IHD can create or support the creation of an individual's promotional video.

Promotional video services start at $25 per hour. Using state-of-the-art video software Adobe Premier, IHD can add highlight bubbles, music, still images and information pages at your request, and collaborate with the individual to come up with a video that highlights the player in the best way.

A standard promotional video is 3-4 minutes long and comes with still photos and a player profile page. 

Typical hours of work for a promotional video are 2-8 hours. (depending on the amount of work requested from the player)

IHD will go through game film and provide feedback to the player.

Game film breakdown is the detailed analysis of a specific player in a game situation. Game film breakdown is aimed at getting the most out of a player within the constraints of the team system. This is one of the best ways to quickly increase confidence in a player's game!

Pricing is $100 per game. This includes an IHD professional to review game film, and then zoom with the player to go over the findings. Each game comes with a 30-40 minute zoom call between the player and IHD professional.