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3 on 3 Tournament

We’re very excited to host our first ever 3 on 3 tournament! 3 on 3 hockey is a great way to explore your creative side with the puck, while enjoying the game we all love so much! This tournament will do our best to mimic what you see on TV. We will be doing interviews, highlights, MVP awards and much more! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay caught up on all the exciting social media interactions!


When: U11 April  22-24, U13 April 15-17

Where: Lloydminster Civic Centre

Cost: $1,000 per team

Age groups:



*Teams are responsible for your own Jerseys and Team Name


- Each team is guaranteed 3 games with the top teams playing for the final on Sunday! Tiebreakers will be decided on goals for and against

- 5-minute warmup, 3 periods of 15-minute run time, 5 minute break between each period

- If the goalie covers it or a goal is scored, the team that is on offence must ALL clear the blue line before re-attacking, if your team fails to clear, it will result in a penalty shot

- Have Fun!!


Penalties & Penalty Shots

Penalties are being substituted with….PENALTY SHOTS! The player that took the penalty will be allowed to chase the player during his penalty shot.

Ex. Kyle trips Ambrose, whistle blows, Ambrose goes to the center ice dot, Kyle lines up on his blueline. On the whistle Kyle can chase Ambrose while he’s trying to score. If a rebound happens, ref will blow the whistle and the team on offence will clear.


*If you are bringing a team out of town, please have your coach or manger reach out, and we will give you our discount code for the hotel attached to the rink.

* We will need a minimum of 4 teams per age group to run that category. Gather your schoolmates, friends, coworkers and come enjoy a weekend together on the ice!


To register your team please email:

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