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Life happens and right away you have a choice. How do you react? You will wake up the next day, how will you continue on? Will you push through alone and avoid your struggles or will you choose to talk? Talking about your struggles is normal! It may be the more difficult choice but, success is a choice. You may be able to handle some things on your own, but once that “big” thing happens the little things compound and come rushing at you like a tsunami. We want to normalize talking! We don’t believe that making mental health normal is achievable by ourselves, BUT we do believe in making talking and discussing your issues normal. #Talk4MeWithIHD we encourage you to choose the hard path. Choose success. Talk to people around you to help and lean on them. The fight is not achievable on your own, in the long run keeping it inside is more harmful to yourself and those around you! There is someone for everyone whether that is a counsellor, friend, parent or even a stranger! We all have a voice to speak and ears to listen, lets use them! We can’t give in, we can’t choose the easy path, we can’t keep it all to ourselves. The hardships of not only mental health but everyday issues will break us down and continue to weaken us if we stay silent. They will win. Between our IHD staff we have many of our own struggles and daily challenges that we would love to share with you. Please, we challenge you to reach out to us! Clients, Athletes, Coaches, Parents, Friends, Strangers we challenge you to take the path less travelled! Whether you miss the game, have been forced out of the game, are struggling away from/at the rink, whatever your struggles may be, WE are here 4 YOU! Call! / Text! / DM! / Zoom! 

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